How I Met Woz!

17 04 2008

Because I am very busy over the next few days, and won’t have time to write a formal article this is the replacement.

Meeting Steve Woz
Me and Steve Wozniak in the Airport.

Yesterday, I finally got to meet Woz (Steve Wozniak)! Having just arrived in Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport with my robotics Team 555, while waiting for our luggage to come up, I noticed Woz walk up and look at the TV that displayed the Baggage Claim listings. I quickly introduced myself and I asked if I could get a business card and a picture. He gladly gave me a business card and took a picture with me.

This wasn’t the first time I ran into Woz, however! Last year in Atlanta, at the FIRST Championship, where Woz regularly judges, I saw him riding a Segway and asked him for his business card- but he was all out. It is great to finally get the famed, laser engraved, business card and a picture! Thanks Woz!!



3 responses to “How I Met Woz!”

18 04 2008
dlodewyk (02:45:30) :

That is pretty cool.

I am reading iWoz right now, it is a pretty interesting read.

18 04 2008
Mark (20:26:35) :

the great WOZ, wow!
good for you

28 04 2008
Seth J. (01:20:18) :

Woz! The Wozinator. Wizard of Woz! Wozy-wozsteen. Mr. Wozinheimer. Let’s hear it for the Woz!

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