Why Hardware and Software is the Perfect Couple

16 04 2008

Yesterday, I wrote about the Psystar Open Computer, which ships with a Hackintosh version of OS X Leopard. Today, I am writing from the opposite perspective; why Apple offers a superior package.

Hardware and Software
A great combination.

Traditionally, the technology industry is divided into two sectors- hardware and software. There are hardware companies like Intel, AMD or Nvidia; and software companies like Microsoft, Adobe or Oracle. Very rarely do the hardware and software companies work closely together- and a company that produces both hardware and software bundled together is extremely rare. Apple happens to be one of the few remaining examples, and a unique one at that.

Over the past years, Apple has seen an increase in demand for its Macintosh line of computers, following the success of it’s iPod music player. What makes Apple unique is the combination of hardware and software into a tightly controlled package. This ensures complete compatibility and reliability of both the hardware and software. Everything is controlled by one company, which is also a bonus for customer support.

If you look at the current state of Microsoft; you see Vista and its failure as the successor to Windows XP. You see users petitioning Microsoft to keep the 6 year old operating system alive. Much like Windows ME failure, Vista has proven a nightmare for those purchasing new PC’s and the faithful who have upgraded. While the exact failure of Vista can vary by who you ask; some of the less subjective issues are the compatibility problems with existing hardware and the high system requirements. If Microsoft controlled the hardware, two major issues with Vista could be solved. Apple’s strategy of keeping the hardware and software tightly allows for a smooth computing environment.

Apple’s coupling of software and hardware is a far superior model- and it has finally come time to prove it to the world. Over the past years, Apple has been gaining market share with its iPod, Mac and iPhone. Through the iPod and now thanks to Vista, more and more people are discovering the benefits of controlling the hardware and software together on the Mac; and the consumers aren’t lying. While the Hackintosh may be a cheap alternative for some, the Mac is here to stay.