iPhone 3.0 firmware and SDK previewed and released!

17 03 2009

It’s finally here! Today, Apple released in specific detail the new iPhone 3.0 firmware and new iPhone SDK! Rumors have been flying for weeks about what is to be released this morning and we have all the answers.


The waiting is finally over! After weeks of anticipation, apple has previewed the iPhone 3.0 firmware to the public. The new 3.0 firmware has many features that we have been dreaming about since January 9, 2007. They include:

  • Copy and Paste
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
  • Landscape view in SMS, Mail and Notes (was already in Safari)
  • In-application  purchasing, like extra content
  • Access iPod library from your application
  • Spotlight to search your iPhone
  • A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth) Capability
  • And more

The Firmware will be free to all iPhone users but will cost $9.95 for iPod touch users.

New iPhone SDK

The new iPhone SDK has many exciting features that Apple Developers are excited about. The most notable of these is the ability to test your developed apps before releasing them into the open market of iTunes. It also includes over 1,000 new API’s!

All in all, today we witnessed the next generation in mobile devices. Many people were worried that the new Palm Pre would contain many apps that the iPhone did not and become the leader in the smartphone market, but Apple took care of these worries. The new SDK is currently available to registered Apple developers and the 3.0 firmware will be available to the public sometime in June.

An Apple Too Big For Secrets?

11 12 2008

As the year draws to a close, it has come time to reflect upon Apple and a growing trend with the Cupertino company.

It's Not My Fault!
A collage of leaked shots by JR.

With Mac market share on the rise, iPhone sales taking off, Apple profits and revenue up to record levels once again- it is undeniably a great time for Apple. Even during these times of economic uncertainty, Apple appears to be performing better than its market competitors, proving that Apple products are something more than luxury goods they’re made out to be. However, these business successes appear to have had unexpected consequences for the Apple of old.

Compared to years past, 2008 has been a dismal year in terms of upcoming product secrecy. For the typically insanely secretive company, the number of leaks and the accompanying lack of take down notices are unprecedented. At its height, Apple’s passion with secrecy saw the take down of rumor site ThinkSecret.com after leaking specifications on the unreleased Mac mini. Numerous other websites including AppleInsider, MacRumors and 9to5mac have all experienced the wrath of the Apple legal team in the past but surprisingly haven’t had any recent encounters.

A less secret Apple needn’t be a bad thing. Apple’s secrecy was often inhibiting within the company and to consumers. By Apple softening up on its secrecy, employees will be able to focus more on their jobs instead of having to worrying about containing leaks.. Recently, some examples of the “new” Apple are the emails from Apple CEO Steve Jobs which have on a number of occasions briefly detailed upcoming software updates or fixes. Earlier this week, Apple press representative Bill Evans told Macworld “Our holiday line-up is set,” and a representative of Apple responded to a concerned Mac mini customer with a phone call stating “Apple knew the mini was a popular machine and to be patient,”. Finally, last month Apple stripped it’s infamous Non Disclosure Agreement from the iPhone SDK stating “the NDA has created too much of a burden on developers, authors and others interested in helping further the iPhone’s success”.

As we are beginning to see Apple evolve, the changes are ultimately for the better. With more attention on quality products and less on NDA’s and secrets, Apple can concentrate on producing more amazing products (MacBook Touch? Newton 2.0?) and developing good software. Missing however, will be the glory days of Mac rumors and magical “One more thing..” announcements as leaks become more abundant and are published by bigger sources like just another piece of news. It appears that the constant demand to see the latest and greatest from Apple before Steve Jobs can reveal it has been won.

Apple’s October 14th Event Confirmed! Redesigned MacBook’s and MacBook Pro’s expected!

10 10 2008

New Apple laptops are on are their way!

Thursday, Apple sent out invitations to the media for the rumored October 14th event. This event is expected to contain the release of new MacBook’s. Rumors have been flying around for about 2 months that the new MacBook’s will have aluminum casing similar to the MacBook Pro’s and earlier PowerBook cousins.

The event is to be held at 10:00 in Cupertino at Apple Town Hall. Apple Town Hall has been used for other special events such as the introduction of Aluminum iMac’s in July of last year.

Invitations were set to different media personnel with a picture of the supposed new MacBook’s with what appears to be aluminum casing, and a caption saying “The spotlight turns to notebooks.”

Stay tuned to The iLife for more information on the event.

How They Compare: Dell Studio 15 vs. 15” MacBook Pro

21 09 2008

My name is Keith Hobin, and I’m the managing editor here at theiLife. I originally joined theiLife back in June, but now I’m making my first post. I grew up in Montclair, NJ with Matt, Sidney, and a few of the other iLife writers. I graduated from Montclair High School this year and will be attending Drexel University as an Information Systems major. I prefer the Microsoft side of computers and plan on adding a little diversification into this blog. You will be hearing from me from time to time with new stories and information about the goings on of the blog. If you want to contact me, you can email me at [email protected] . For my full biography, check out the about page section.

In getting ready for my attendance of Drexel, I have recently purchased one of Dell newest Laptop, the Studio 15. The Studio line is intended to have a mix of features from the XPS and Inspiron line at prices starting around $650 and around $750 for a decent configuration. For my Studio 15, I paid $ 1,839.94 with a 4 year warranty, accidental damage protection, and lojack, before tax and shipping. A PDF of the invoice / configuration will be posted along with this (Here). Just the price difference of $460 alone, a MacBook Pro being $2,300, is a good reason to consider another brand. But let’s delve into the features of each computer.

NOTE: All Comparisons made will be between MY Dell Studio 15 and the 15″ 2.5GHz MacBook Pro. However, I will note the optional features I selected for my dell and will note higher features that I opted not to get. When I discuss option prices, the price increase will be from the cheapest configuration available to the general public at the time of writing. To be fair, both of the base prices of the computers are with educational discounts and I received an extra discount for taking the 4 year warranty.

Read more…

The First Android Phone Appears

20 09 2008

The first “Google phone” is rumored to be introduced into the market early next week.

An article in the Wall Street Journal on thursday announced Google’s plans for their first Android based phone. It is the first commercially available phone to run Google’s Android operating system since the announcement of the project in November of 2007, almost a year ago.

The phone is said to be priced at $199 to directly compete with the iPhone 3G. Service and data is rumored to be through T-Mobile USA. At this price point the hopes are to make it more appealing to those considering the iPhone. The phone is said to be released on September 23.

Apple set to “Rock On” Tomorrow – New iPods, iPhone OS 2.1 and iTunes 8?

8 09 2008

Apple last week has sent out invitations to its latest special event entitled “Rock On” which is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, September 9th.

Tomorrow, at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, Apple is expected to reveal the latest line of iPods, in time for the holiday season. This years event seems to have more hype with the iPhone 3G starting at a price smaller than the majority of the iPod line. Tomorrows announcements could potentially be apart of the product transition mentioned by CFO Peter Oppenheimer.

iPod nano

Rumors are pointing to a redesign of the iPod nano, possibly back to the slim factor, away from the fat, which was introduced last year. Some new “fourth generation cases” and supposed leaked shots have found their way to the internet, and it is believed that they are for the most part legitimate.

iPod Touch

The iPod touch is also rumored to get some small cosmetic changes. It is not clear what they are at this time, other than the above spec sheet, but there isn’t much compelling evidence as to what might change. Other rumors point to new buttons (such as a volume rocker on the side) or GPS being added.

iPhone OS 2.1

Many sources believe the upcoming iPhone OS 2.1 is going to be being dropped tomorrow. While Apple did promise it’s release in September, like the 2.0 version of the OS, it could end up being delayed. Some possible features include turn-by-turn directions along with the promised Push Notification system could make the update truly worthwhile to iPhone 3G or possible second generation iPod touch (GPS?) users.

iTunes 8

A number of sources have also mentioned the possible release of iTunes 8 tomorrow. Some rumored new features include a new visualizer, a grid view and a Genius playlist that would act like Pandora by suggesting related songs and artists.

While it is unknown what exactly will happen, like all Apple events, the rumors generally have a good idea what might happen. Stay tuned to theiLife.com for the latest coverage regarding the Rock On event!

The new MacBook casing possibly revealed in photos and more than 2.4 Million 3G iPhones manufactured to date!

4 08 2008

Photos that could prove to be the new MacBook casing have surfaced and could Foxconn be manufacturing 800,000 iPhones a week?!

This morning, according to a TechCrunch article, citing a source “close to Apple”; Apple has ordered Foxconn to build 800,000 iPhones per week. 800,000 is the full operating capacity at which Foxconn can manufacture, which brings up concerns of quality control as there already seems to be small casing issues with the some of the new plastic backings. After launching in 20 countries more than three weeks ago, with over one million iPhones sold in just the opening weekend, Foxconn could have theoretically built over 2.4 million iPhones since the 11th.

Meanwhile, Chinese blog tw.apple.pro (which is experiencing high server load right now) has leaked four new images supposedly of the unreleased MacBook to Engadget. While the images appear very similar to the existing MacBook Air display, they could indeed be of a new MacBook since both laptops have a 13.3 inch widescreen display. Currently the legitimacy of these images are in question. Both the MacBook Pro and MacBook are rumored to see a revision around September.

Stick with theiLife for developing news on both the iPhone 3G and MacBook revisions.

Warning!! A Dangerous Time To Buy New MacBook, MacBook Pro or iPod! Revisions ahead.

30 07 2008

For the next month, if you can, avoid buying a new iPod or Apple Laptop. Here is why.

Both the MacBook and MacBook Pro have not seen any major redesigns since their introductions in 2006. This would mean, according to Apple’s existing revision schedule that they are due for a redesign– something more than just a “speed bump”. Rumor has it that the new laptops are going to sport a full case redesign, making them appear similar to the newly announced MacBook Air and fourth Generation iMacs (introduced last summer).

For the MacBook, the design change would move away from the traditionally plastic casing to a new aluminum casing alike the iMac from last year. Since the iBook’s introduction in 1999, the primary case material has always been plastic- even through the name change to MacBook in 2006, which accompanied the switch to Intel processors.

The MacBook Pro, whose existing case is aluminum, most likely will see a revision to the case molding, probably taking after the MacBook Air. This means the edges will be slightly less square, and includes the repositioning of the battery, with better access to the hard drive, like the current revision MacBook.

Recently, rumors have circulated regarding the inclusion of a larger, oversized trackpad. This new trackpad might be capable of more multi-touch gestures, adding to the few that are already present on Apple’s current laptops. A recent rumor even suggests the trackpad will have a glass surface, such as the one found on Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch.

A new iPod Touch model number (iPod 2,1) were recently found in the latest betas of the iPhone OS firmware, which would corroborate with the usual September timeframe for iPod refreshes. There has also been rumors surrounding the form factor of the new iPod nanos.

So, while rumors and speculation always run around wild prior to announcements, based on a number of factors, it is a very bad time to buy a new iPod or Apple laptop (with the exclusion of the MacBook Air). Unless you don’t mind your new investment being replaced with a newer, better model within a number of weeks, hold back your purchase.

Mysterious Unmarked iPhone Shipments? Last Minute iPhone Case Modification?

6 06 2008

It seems like the rumors are exponentially increasing at this point. With WWDC just hours away, the rumor mills are in full force.

Mysterious, Unmarked Boxes Lined Up Oustide

When Forbes editor Brian Caulfield made a visit to Quanta Computer distribution center Wednesday night, he was greeted with a host of shipping related activity. Outside the 168,000-square-foot facility; Brain was met with palettes of both white iMac boxes and curiously, unmarked, brown cardboard boxes. Depicted in images shown above, Brain believes that the unmarked boxes are in-fact the new iPhone Steve Jobs is rumored to announce at WWDC on Monday.

FedEx Trucks Moving These Mysterious Boxes

Based on intelligence uncovered by ImportGenius.com, 19 shipments weighing between 3,700 and 6,500 kilograms passed through the Port of Oakland to a Quanta distribution center in Fremont, Calif over the past few weeks. During his visit to the distribution center, Brain watched as employees “hustled to maneuver pallets of the brown boxes around trucks from FedEx and Advanced Logistics”. When asked about the new iPhone, one Quanta employee called the shipping supervisor who was “really busy right now”.

3G iPhone Griffin Size Changes

Meanwhile, iDealsChina believes that the new iPhone dimensions have changed. Apparently the new dimensions are thinner, by .50mm (~.02 inches) and shorter by 2.00mm (~.08 inches). iDealsChina was also the source behind the Griffin case leak last week, therefore it is hard to determine whether this new information is legitimate. iDealsChina claims that four other case manufacturers had access to the same specifications, so these companies will be forced to either sell the thousands of loose fitting cases or destroy them. It should be noted that Apple goes through great lengths to keep new product information very secretive.

3G iPhone Unmarked Box, From Apple

Finally, early this morning, MacRumors posted this image, originally from MacTalk.com.au. It is believed that this box contains a 3G iPhone demo unit. Clear markings on the outside clearly state: “SUBJECT TO TERMS OF NDA. DON NOT OPEN UNTIL TUESDAY JUNE 10th 2008.” June 10th is the day after the WWDC keynote, where Steve Jobs is rumored to introduce a new iPhone model. However, local time, the WWDC keynote falls about at that time for Australians (a few hours before, actually). Both Vodafone and SingTel announced they would be bringing the iPhone to Australia “later this year”. From MacTalk:

“the iPhone will go on display with a sign saying ‘look how cool I am – you can buy me on this date’.”

This years Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off with a keynote from Apple, Inc CEO Steve Jobs on Monday, June 9th. Steve Jobs is expected to release an updated iPhone with 3G capabilities. Stay with theiLife.com for continuing coverage of pre-WWDC rumors and hype; and during WWDC for our liveblog of the keynote. If you want to be updated with urgent news from the keynote, sign up for our SMS updater (expect about 10-20 messages)!

Photos of 3.2 and 2.8 inch iPhone touchscreens? 4 and 7 inch tablet devices?! Two new iPhone Models (3G and 2.5G) at WWDC?!!

5 06 2008

To add to the growing rumors surrounding WWDC, today, iLounge.com released images of two touchscreen components that are similar to the current iPhone and iPod Touch components, but are slightly smaller in size by .3 and .7 inches. Also, one Wall Street analyst feeds the fire about an iTablet and sheds light on new iPhones at WWDC.

iPhone 2.8 and 3.2 inch touch screen components Host Optical iLounge

The photos, shown above depict touch components that appear to be destined for a future iPhone or iPod Touch. Taiwanese display manufacturer Host Optical claims they are working with Apple on the new displays and are responsible for the release of the information. The components are described as a “projected capacitance touch panel” with the emphasis that they are superior to the current touchscreen used in the iPhone and iPod touch. According to Host Optical, the new touch components do not get less sensitive over time, are more durable and can withstand water and very humid environments.

iLounge.com believes these new screens may not be destined for the new 3G iPhone, specifically the 2.8 inch display. iLounge believes that “there is zero chance that a 2.8” screen is going to be in Apple’s first 3G version of the iPhone”; but most likely for a smaller “iPhone nano” or fourth generation iPod Nano.

iPhone 2.8 and 3.2 inch touch screen components Host Optical iLounge

It should be noted that Apple never reveals who supplies components and suppliers rarely admit they are working for the Cupertino company. By releasing this information before product release, Host Optical is violating terms with Apple. Theoretically, anyone can claim that they are suppling components for Apple. Additionally, majority of rumors agree that the new 3G iPhone will have very similar dimensions to the first generation iPhone, with only added tapering around the edges.

Also today, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu published in a report to clients that 4 and 7 inch touchscreen devices are beyond prototype stages inside Apple. Wu believes that these devices are crosses between the Mac and iPod touch and may be a modern recreation of the Newton MessagePad from the 1990’s. Shaw predicts that the devices will most likely not see light at next weeks WWDC keynote.

Shaw Wu is confident that Steve Jobs will introduce two new iPhone models next week; one of them the hotly anticipated 3G iPhone, and another refined version of the current 2.5G model that would be significantly cheaper. He says his information is based from supply chain sources.

Finally Wu says that while WWDC typically highlights Macintosh related products, this year may be an exception. Because new portable Macs “most likely won’t be ready for volume production until the September quarter”, this years event will not highlight new Macs.

Steve Jobs keynote will kick off at 10AM PST (1PM EST) on June 9th. theiLife.com will be in attendance and livebloging from the keynote here. If you can’t be at a computer, you can still recieve urgent updates (expect about 10-20) to your cell phone via SMS by signing up here.