ASW14 Video!

8 12 2007

So, after all the waiting and cold-ness, we have put together a video of the experience of the Apple Store @ West 14th Street. Check it out! Let us know what you think!!

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6 responses to “ASW14 Video!”

10 12 2007
Cane (14:36:38) :

Cool video! What is the name of the audio track playing as they unveil the “Apple Store Now Open” Billboard? Thanks!

10 12 2007
Sidney San Martin (15:47:43) :

The song is Emotion from Daft Punk’s Human After All.

[EDIT] That song begins when the final billboard is uncovered. The song that plays through the unveiling process is Above from Blue Man Group’s The Complex

10 12 2007
Dik (20:39:43) :

Cool vid dudes! Not the greatest angle on the reveal of the billboard, but nothing you could really do about that huh! haha. At least you got it on film. Good work.

10 12 2007
Matt Dodd (21:11:07) :

Yeah, tell me about it…I was squished in with other people in line. My friend (Sidney) was on some open Wi-Fi network, LiveBlogging.

12 12 2007
Cane (13:31:13) :

Cool choice of music. Thanks Sidney!


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