Podcast and Bugs!

17 12 2007

The iLife Podcast

We are proud to officially announce our new podcast, generically dubbed (for the moment) “TheiLife Podcast”. You may have already seen Episode #1, “The Introduction”, yesterday, but I promise there will be more coming later this week.

We have also opened a podcast page, located here (and in the nav bar above). It is similar to our videos page, but no categories and only contains our Podcasts. We also have moved from ThickBox to LightWindow for our lightboxing needs! Wahoo!

We had to change our old lightbox because sometime over the weekend (while Sidney was working on our code’s w3c compliance), our old lightbox decided to act up on us! It stopped loading content in all browsers except Safari! Sidney spent most of the day trying to fix that fricking lightbox. So, out with the old, in with the new — everything is just about back to normal now (and a little prettier, to boot)! Just don’t try and use it with Internet Explorer. Don’t worry though, we will fix it… how evil do you think we are?! (seriously, though, it’s a known bug in either LightWindow or Internet Explorer, depending on whom you ask).

Sorry for the lack of content today, besides the fact it was a slow news day, we had a lot of bug squashing and code tidying to do! As usual, though, feel free to report issues with the site to [email protected] or in the story comments.


17 12 2007





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