Our Macworld 2008 Plans #1

14 12 2007

With less than one month to go (and counting), we are beginning to sketch out our plans for event coverage (particularly the Keynote) online. As of today, I can say we are definitely offering two services for staying informed — an AJAX web application that will update with text and pictures as they’re uploaded, and an SMS updater.

The SMS updater (yet to be named) will allow you to sign up to be text messaged with the most urgent announcements from the Keynote. To sign up, you’ll simply enter your phone number, select your carrier, and verify that it’s your number by entering the verification code sent to you. There are no fees or catches — just standard text messaging rates.

The AJAX application (also yet to be named) primarily allows you to get live text updates via a web browser, no refreshes needed. But next to the text updates, photos will appear as they are uploaded. All, of course, with a slick and shiny implementation. Look for some screenshots coming your way soon.

Of course, this is the first preview of our Macworld plans, so expect more coming your way soon. We hope to have everything up and running at least a week before the Keynote. Of course, we always appreciate comments and emails from our readers, so feel free to pass on any ideas!


14 12 2007

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