17 12 2007





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One response to “Podcast”

18 12 2007
Bernie (15:27:21) :

Guys, awesome job! Just a few comments. 1) the ilife.com name rocks. Yep, you’re part of the Mac culture, so what an appropriate name! 2) Screw those hippies using Firefox. Okay, okay, slightly kidding. 3) Your coding and design on the site rocks. It’s an uber clean design, the podcast video and sound was clear, and the amount of video was just about right (try to keep it under 5 mins). 4) Perhaps in future podcasts, you could throw in a few screen shots or keynote slides as you cover info. 5) When interviewing in the future, you might want to use ichat video with some green screen backgrounds. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to your future podcasts and posts!

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