ASW14 Freebies

10 12 2007

New: A video of the loot has been posted (click here)!

Some people are wondering what was given out in those black tubes, or what the T-shirts look like. Some still think that the first 2,000 people in line got free iPhones (I wish!). Lets just set the record straight. This is how it went down.

Pictures after the jump.

Throughout the opening, Apple gave T-shirts and posters to everyone entering the Apple Store. At about 10 PM, they ran out of T-shirts, but posters were still in supply.

Under the cap of the cardboard tube the poster was in was a sticker indicating what you won.

Everyone won a $10 iTunes Gift Card, by default.
However, some lucky people instead won:

  • iMac
  • MacBook
  • iPod Touch, 16GB
  • iPod Shuffle

([Sidney] There were more gifts, including iMacs and other iPods. I’m trying to find a picture of the sign.)

That’s it. Pretty straight forward.

T-Shirt and BoxPoster Text
The PosterClose up of West 14th Street
Free Stuff (T-Shirt and Poster)The Poster Tube



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10 12 2007
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