Macworld Interviews: McAfee

30 01 2008
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When we first saw the McAfee booth in the West hall, staffed with one person, decorated with a banner of the McAfee logo, we just couldn’t resist the temptation of asking why they were at Macworld. Apparently they are still counting viruses from dating back to OS 6 so- you should invest in their protection.



One response to “Macworld Interviews: McAfee”

1 02 2008
Bernard Ramsey (02:49:05) :

Great and unique interview. I have both Macs and pcs at home, and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I have Norton virus scanning program on my Macs. While my Macs haven’t been affected by viruses, I have gotten emails and other files that have been stored on then waiting to connect to a windows machine or waiting for that file to be transfered to one. In fact, last month I cleaned 3 emails in Apple Mail that did have viruses…of course, they were meant for windows but that makes me feel a bit more secure running machines connected on my home network and when using VMWare Fusion.

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