WebKit Gets Updates

7 01 2008

WebKit made big news in November after it was revealed that it would become the rendering engine in Google’s Android platform. The announcement came as a surprise to some who assumed that Google’s cozy relationship with the Mozilla foundation would lead them to select the Gecko rendering engine. WebKit however, holds the distinction of already being a well established platform for mobile devices, seeing service on a series of Nokia internet tablets and of course, on the iPhone. Not bad for a browser that was once doomed to die.

The WebKit team has had a busy December as well, adding support for the getElementsByClassName JavaScript function, beginning to add support for HTML 5, creating a new JavaScript benchmark called SunSpider and getting ready for its big Qt 4.4 and GTK debuts. WebKit is rapidly becoming a major contender in the browser wars, and is poised to replace KDE’s KHTML (which WebKit was originally based on) with the release of the KDE 4 desktop environment next year.

Macworld 2008 – Update II!

7 01 2008

Macworld AJAX v2

Ok, so the official countdown reads now reads 7 days- time to update on Macworld! Sidney and I have been working on the AJAX app and are proud to announce that the framework has been completed this weekend. It is now time to add the Javascript to make everything pretty as well as add some parts of the back end, to make it easier to post while at Macworld. This means that the Application itself should be done before weeks end (or at least, in beta)! This screenshot above is not the photoshop mockup anymore, that is an actual HTML file. We are very proud to announce this, and will certainly let you know when you can start testing it, as well as registering your phones for SMS updates.