Macworld Interviews: Ecamm Network

28 01 2008
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We were drawn to Ecamm Networks booth by their iLidz hat which was on display. They actually have a lot of neat software products: iChatUSBCam (to use USB cameras in iChat), iPhone Drive for file storage on the iPhone or iPod Touch and DockStar for customizing the Mail dock icon. As explained in the video, “We are a software company, but every year we like to find something really unique to bring to the show.” Last year, they created the Huckleberry mirror for your built in iSight.

Video is encoding…and more updates.

28 01 2008

I have to apologize for the lack of updates today- we have been busy encoding the gigabytes of interviews from Macworld. Late, yeah we know, but there is only two people running this site! Regardless, I have readied a bunch of interviews that will be appearing over the corse of this week (as they finish rendering). Additionally, Sidney and I will be recording a podcast on Wednesday which you should see later this week. Of course, you can expect the regular text posts as well (just not today). So keep tuned for the interviews- there should be at least one out within the hour. Feel free to contact us via email, Twitter or on AIM (theilife) with any questions, concerns, etc.