Macworld: Registration Part I

22 01 2008

Macworld Registration

Early Monday morning, Sidney and I awoke with only a few hours of sleep from coding late into the night. We had to be reminded what was happening in this confused state- “today is Macworld!” We quickly got dressed, packed our bags and headed out the door.

We knew that we weren’t coming back that night- Tuesday morning was the keynote and we had every intention to be first on line. Once we got to Moscone West, we were met with a different line wrapping up and around both 4th street and Howard. We quickly found our place and began to wait- which was quick and relatively painless.

Once inside and with registration finally sorted out, Sidney and I split up- he went outside and started the line, while I went to my AppleScript workshop (PJ). I would leave every hour or two to go and check up on him, to let him take a break (and return his electronics that were charging).

Up until about 6 o’clock, with my workshop long over, I stayed inside and charged all our gadgets one last time. By about 6:30, I was getting kicked out so I left and began to wait with Sidney (and the slowly growing group).

Look out for Part II later today, I have to catch up on some sleep now!