Video Podcast – Macworld Predictions

21 12 2007

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The iLife Podcast – Epoisode #1: MacWorld Rumors

Show notes after the jump.

Podcast Detail:

iTunes and iPod

AppleTV : State of the Apple TV : Apple TV sales have always been poor, and Apple’s seeming abandonment of the product hasn’t helped. Matt Dodd wrote an article about the state of “media centers” in general, but we can’t expect Apple to kill it off, so what can be improved?

iTunes Rentals : Consumers want to be able to watch movies cheaply; current iTunes prices are simply too much and most of them don’t want to buy movies digitally just yet (expecially with such restriction to iTunes). While signs of preparation for rentals have appeared in iPhone firmware, iTunes and the iPod may not be a focus of MacWorld ’08.

Beatles : We’ve heard Steve Jobs play Beatles songs and seen the albums flash by in Cover Flow. When will the Beatles finally come to the iTS?

The iPhone:

iPhone 2.0 : The technology behind the current iPhone was introduced a year ago; has Apple been working toward more than just 16GB of storage and 3G and is it time for the new tech to be introduced?

iPhone nano : An iPhone without the smartphone or iPod features? For those who didn’t need thane phone we have the iPod Touch, but what about those who just want “the best phone ever”?

iTablet : The iTablet is pretty much never going to happen. Tablets exsist only as a small niche market of PC users who enjoy stylus. We actually give the rumor about 1 minute. Why won’t this rumor ever die?!

The Mac

Mac Mini : Concerning a possible re-design, re-marketing or re-naming. Discussing the possibilities for ‘switchers’ from Vista, putting it in the place of the PC tower.

Macbooks : Similar to the Mac Mini, a re-tooling or slight redesgin would be in favor for the line. Also discussing a possible MacBook color change to reflect the iPod Classics (as they used to reflect the iPod line).

Pro Displays : Since the iSights have been discontinued for over a year now and, the Pro Displays haven’t changed since 2004, a possible redesign with LED backlighting and a built-in iSight.

A Greener Apple

Format Wars : Apple has been supporting Blu-Ray since 2005 and the possiblity of Blu-Ray being added as an option is likely to appear at some point this year.

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