iPhone 3GS Launch – What Others Are Saying

18 06 2009

Well, the weather outside may be brutal, but so far me and the rest of the iLife crew have managed to hang in there.


While we’ve braved the elements, a few people have come up to ask us a few questions, including Engadget, CNN, Reuters, the New York Times, and Bloomberg. I’ll be posting links to their coverage of the iPhone 3GS launch, and well, us!

EngadgetiPhone 3G S line begins in NY, weather be damned

UPDATE: 6:30 PM EDT: Reuters: IPhone to hit stores as Apple awaits Jobs’ return Matt Dodd was quoted on the second page of the article, and our plans for camping out were mentioned.

UPDATE: 7:00 PM EDT: Fortune / CNN Money: Lines form for the new iPhone in New York and Tokyo

Reuters (Again): Braving stormy weather for iPhone: well, sorta

Pocket Lint: iPhone 3G S line starts to form in New York

UPDATE: 7:30 PM EDT: The following is a listing of posts and articals after we got home. Take a look!

Fortune / CNN Money: Live from the (relatively sedate) iPhone 3G S launch

Gizmodo: Why In Hell Are People Camping Out For the iPhone 3GS?

Touch Podium: Line Ups Begin Early June 18th, for iPhone 3G S in New York and Tokyo, Most Likely Other Places Too

UPDATE 6/22/09 7:00 AM: Bloomberg: Apple’s IPhone Draws Crowds as Competition Stiffens Talks about us under ‘Camping Out’

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Photo from Engadget. Thanks!



8 responses to “iPhone 3GS Launch – What Others Are Saying”

18 06 2009
SG (16:29:33) :

Have fun out there!

18 06 2009
ChefStylez (18:45:37) :

Hey is there anyone else with you guys yet? Lemme know if I should join you guys!

18 06 2009
Keith Hobin (18:46:38) :

@ChefStylez Not yet, but your more than welcome to join us and partake in the fun!

18 06 2009
Why (19:49:20) :

Why exactly are you waiting in line for something where:

Supply > Demand

Besides the CPU / Memory, its not even that great of an upgrade, the rest of the smartphone world had had more than 2MP cameras, video, copy + paste, tethering.

18 06 2009
Scott (20:33:21) :

I hope you guys are staying dry up there. Here in Atlanta, it is just plain hot and I do not think anyone is waiting in line here. But I bet later on tonight, they just might! I vote that Apple give each of you a free iPhone for the good publicity!! Hope you guys are having a blast. I am sure you are 😉

18 06 2009
ChefStylez (22:04:08) :

Mets game done on my way Fellas!

19 06 2009
Chad (05:17:30) :

Howdy from Austin, Texas! I was trying to get some sleep, but can’t. I have the original iPhone and remember how exciting it was standing in line, while this one I admit is not nearly as exciting, since I know more of what to expect, I still feel like a kid. Hope yall have fun out there and hope it stops raining!


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