Live from the 3GS Launch at 5th Avenue

19 06 2009

This is our 3GS liveblog, straight from the plaza outside the Apple Store at Fifth Avenue. Keep it bookmarked and we’ll keep you up to date. If you’re viewing this from the homepage, you’re only seeing our latest update! Hit the jump for more.

June 19 7:32 PM
Purchasing iPhone in Apple Store
We’ve purchased and activated an iPhone 3GS in-store thanks to the friendly help of a 5th Avenue Apple Store employee.

Needless to say, we’re ridiculously tired. There are still plenty of stories to tell, but this liveblog is officially over. Stay tuned.

June 19 4:57 AM
After a little sleep (or something like it) we’ve been tranferred a few feet closer to the cube. We are now very-officially first and a representative with an iPod touch is moving through the line confirming reservations.

June 19 12:12 AM
All right, this is update-worthy: we were just offered a place to stay (an uninhabited building) by a possibly-homeless man. He has an immense key ring which I assume can unlock every un- and semi-inhabited building in the area. We had a bit of trouble communicating, but eventually he was able to make us understand. I’m not sure if he ever accepted that we’re out here by choice.

There are some awesome people out there.

June 18 11:51 PM

Line Close-Up 11:00 PM

Line at 11:00 PM
Empty Line at 11:00 PM

The rain stopped (finally!) and we’re almost all dried off. It’s now safe to break out the technology. There are ten people in line, but only around five buyers.

We managed to sneak into the Apple Store for a quick top-off of our MBPs, but were just kicked out so the store can be closed down.

Workers have climbed on top of the cube and have begun a cleaning of the whole outside surface.

Barricades have been set up throughout the plaza. It looks like they’re prepared for a huge turnout closer to 7:00.

June 18 1:45 PM
The crew at the store has been interviewed by Engadget, CNN, The New York Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, and Fortune. Impressive! But when are more people going to show up?

June 18 12:27 PM
First action inside the store. This sign just went up, telling us they’ll be closed from midnight until the (unusually early) 7:00 AM launch. You’d better get your late-night accessory purchases in before then.



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19 06 2009
Colr (06:35:18) :

We in Australia have to wait some 7 days for ours, thats approx 604800 seconds. as usual we wait. enjoy guys

19 06 2009
Jason (07:53:23) :


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