iPhone 3GS Launch – What Others Are Saying

18 06 2009

Well, the weather outside may be brutal, but so far me and the rest of the iLife crew have managed to hang in there.


While we’ve braved the elements, a few people have come up to ask us a few questions, including Engadget, CNN, Reuters, the New York Times, and Bloomberg. I’ll be posting links to their coverage of the iPhone 3GS launch, and well, us!

EngadgetiPhone 3G S line begins in NY, weather be damned

UPDATE: 6:30 PM EDT: Reuters: IPhone to hit stores as Apple awaits Jobs’ return Matt Dodd was quoted on the second page of the article, and our plans for camping out were mentioned.

UPDATE: 7:00 PM EDT: Fortune / CNN Money: Lines form for the new iPhone in New York and Tokyo

Reuters (Again): Braving stormy weather for iPhone: well, sorta

Pocket Lint: iPhone 3G S line starts to form in New York

UPDATE: 7:30 PM EDT: The following is a listing of posts and articals after we got home. Take a look!

Fortune / CNN Money: Live from the (relatively sedate) iPhone 3G S launch

Gizmodo: Why In Hell Are People Camping Out For the iPhone 3GS?

Touch Podium: Line Ups Begin Early June 18th, for iPhone 3G S in New York and Tokyo, Most Likely Other Places Too

UPDATE 6/22/09 7:00 AM: Bloomberg: Apple’s IPhone Draws Crowds as Competition Stiffens Talks about us under ‘Camping Out’

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Photo from Engadget. Thanks!

Rain hits at 5th Avenue

18 06 2009

So Many Umbrellas
I just had to head for work (gotta make money to buy the 3GS), but the scene in front of the store as I left was worthy of a picture.

I got completely soaked in the half hour I was there, even with all those umbrellas, so, guys, I wish you luck.

We’re all set up for the 3GS Launch

18 06 2009

Matt Dodd, Sam Epstein, myself, and Keith Hobin are set up here at the Apple Store at 5th Avenue in New York! The staff has already come out to greet us and supply us with official Apple umbrellas (which we are absolutely going to need).

Live from 5th Avenue for iPhone 3G S

We’ll be posting updates throughout the day here and on Twitter (@theilife) and the folks at TheDigitalLifestyle.tv are planning to set us up with live streaming later today, so keep an eye on their feed.

If you’re in the area, stop by. If not, drop us a Tweet or a comment. Happy 3GS day to all!