We’re In The News!!

10 07 2008

So while the writers at theiLife.com have been patiently waiting for the release of the 3G iPhone outside the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City; we have had the pleasure of being interviewed by many other blogs, papers, radio stations, as well as various other media outlets. Here is an up to the minute list of all the published interviews with various publications:

Kyle Being Interviewed By WCBS 880 Radio!

Interview by Fortune!

Store Line Check by Racked. We’re the site that’s liveblogging!

Matt R. and Geoff K., were quoted by the New York Sun.

Matt Dodd was featured in an interview with NBC 4.

NYPost.com video featured a number of iLife writers!

We are seen a number of times in this Fox 5 video!

Matt Dodd was featured in an article in Information Week.

Geoff K. was quoted in Bloomberg News.

We’ve on CNN Money.

We’ve been video posted on NPR.

The article on MacLife about waiting on the line is up here.

Matt Dodd and various other bloggers were featured on the 10 o’clock Channel 11 news here.

CBS used Matt Dodd’s new iPhone in this segment.

Apple has posted an image of theiLife crew activating their new phone in the store!

We were told we have appeared on multiple TV news channels such as CW11, CBS, NBC, and more as well as WCBS 880 Radio and Fox News Radio.



6 responses to “We’re In The News!!”

13 07 2008
felix (16:35:25) :

Your link to CNN Money is broke!

You guys are the ultimate fanboys – I love it! Congrats on all the free press. I wish they would have listed your website.

13 07 2008
dan (17:29:52) :

you guys are everywhere now. congrats on the good blog… its in my feeds now!

13 07 2008
13 07 2008
Michael (18:13:55) :

Don’t forget, you guys are in this video too..

13 07 2008
Matt Dodd (22:35:47) :

Thanks guys! We have been working to keep the links fresh and up to date but appreciate the feedback.

22 07 2008
Bernard Ramsey (16:44:22) :

Yay! Congrats, you guys rock!

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