WWDC 2008 Recap – Day 1- 6/9/08

10 06 2008

Looking Down the Line at WWDC 2008

Today was quite an exciting day. From being first in line and waiting outside for 19 hours to the actual keynote and proceeding events, it was a great way to kick of WWDC 2008. We saw over 34,000 unique hits slightly before, during and after the Keynote- which makes a total of about 50,000 unique visitors today. Our servers held up fine, the AJAX Liveblog was much improved from Macworld version and the SMS updater/Twitter integration preformed wonderfully (as did Twitter, more or less). Before we call it a night, Here is a summary of today, some in pictures, some in videos and some in text. Remember to stick with theiLife.com for continuing coverage of WWDC 2008 via our Liveblog and Twitter throughout this week! If you would like to request anything or meet up, please contact us!

First in Line (Mac|Life)
Apple introduces 3G iPhone (theiLife)
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Preview (theiLife)
Apple Introduces MobileMe (theiLife)

Entering the Keynote
Walking Around After the Keynote
Questions Following the Keynote
iJustine Keynote Sleepover (featuring Sidney in first place)

Sidney’s WWDC Flickr Set



2 responses to “WWDC 2008 Recap – Day 1- 6/9/08”

10 06 2008
Bjarne (11:27:12) :

what was the covered banner saying?

10 06 2008
Matt Dodd (13:15:01) :

Unfortunately, this is what was covered. Nothing interesting.

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