200th Post!

20 06 2008

Since I missed my opportunity with the 100th post, I will take this occasion to reflect upon the development of theiLife.com.

I started theiLife.com on a whim back in October 2007. I was meaning to start a blog for some time, and during my senior year I finally had enough time to dedicate to the site. I always thought theiLife was going to be a more of a casual blog, where I would post maybe three or four times a week.

This changed one weekend when I called Sidney and asked if he would be interested in helping me code a dynamic video page for theiLife. Of course, he was willing to help out, so we created the videos section; where I uploaded my extensive collection of Apple Commercials. Suddenly I found myself on theiLife blogging more often.

In early December, when I first heard news that Apple was opening its latest flagship store in New York City, I invited Sidney to join me and help report for our theiLife. That weekend, after we posted all our content from the opening, the website got picked up by larger news sources. Finally we started driving real traffic, and from there things have been growing ever since.

It is amazing looking back over the past few months, on how much this website has changed my life, and what we have accomplished in such a little amount of time. I hope as the 200th post that we can all look forward to 200 in the near future. To all the readers and supporters, thank you! Remember, if you would like to contact myself or anyone on theiLife.com staff, check out our contact page.