The WWDC 2008 Keynote Countdown Begins (Updated)!

9 06 2008

Keynote Line Forming Outside Moscone West WWDC 2008

With the WWDC 2008 keynote starting in less three hours, things are coming down to the wire. Sidney San Martin as of now, remains number one in line. After hours of waiting by himself, then with a small group of about seven, there are now hundreds of people lined up outside the sidewalk of Moscone West as of 9:30AM EST (6:30 PST). Sidney is now located on the second floor, where they are waiting for about 10AM (PST) to file into the third floor hall where the keynote will take place. Sidney currently is walking inside the building to queue up for the Keynote. Keep with for the latest regarding WWDC 2008 at, via Twitter or our SMS updater. You can also check out for video coverage and commentary of the keynote.

More pictures and videos after the jump!

The First Few In The WWDC 2008 Keynote Line
Front of the WWDC 2008 Keynote Line
Line Inside at WWDC 2008
Looking Down the Line at WWDC 2008
XCode 3 Banner WWDC 2008
Crowd at the Line WWDC 2008
Escalators on the Second Floor



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