5th Avenue Apple Store Closes – Liveblog! (Breaking News)

29 05 2008

5th Ave Apple Store Closed For Commercial Filming

Reports are coming in the 5th Avenue Apple Store, located in New York City is being shut down. Rumor has it that Apple is filming a commercial for the new, unreleased iPhone inside the store. On the 5th Ave Retail Website, a message reads:

“Please note we will be temporarily closed Thursday, May 29 at 3:00 p.m. and will reopen Friday, May 30 at 9:00 a.m. During this time, please visit one of our other two Manhattan locations.”

The store is normally open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and has only closed on two occasions, for about three hours- the release of Mac OS X Leopard and the iPhone last June. TheiLife regular, Sidney San Martin is en-route to check out the scene, and should be reporting live within the hour- pictures, live blogging and a little investigative reporting to come. If you live in or near New York City, and would like to help contribute to the coverage, please feel free to contact us!

6:31 PM Sidney is off from work and en-route (via Subway) to the 5th Ave store.
7:30 PM Sidney is on the scene confirming that it is indeed commercial- there are booms and a Genie outside the store. He says that lighting is being setup to highlight the Cube and elevator.
7:37 PM Sidney has confirmed that there is filming going on in the store. Director chairs and people mingling around the tables. All computers have the Leopard aurora desktop background showing with no menubar or icons.
7:39 PM He can see into the Apple Store, and there are iPhone tables with cardboard around them. Most of the people are congregating around the iPhone tables. The cardboard is very eerie, very Apple, he notes.
7:52 PM The crew outside is discussing ways to get into the store, appears to be looking at a floorplan.
7:56 PM “I recognize the 5th Ave HR Manager standing outside the store. She is dressed well and clearly happy about this event.”
7:58 PM More lights are being setup around the outside of the Cube.
8:08 PM “Crews are all talking through radios. I wish I had a frequency scanner right now!”
8:11 PM The crews are hooking into the Fire Hydrant now. What the heck!?
8:33 PM BLACK CASES MARKED “Anonymous 5+4” entering store.
8:33 PM More black cases marked “Anonymous 4+3” entering store.
9:33 PM Sidney has to leave as his iPhone has died; the liveblog is over. The servers are being pounded from traffic from all over; including AppleInsider and MacRumors. Thanks to all who have visited!!
9:47 PM Almost the entire sidewalk is blocked off on 5th Ave, with the Apple employees pushing the line back as much as possible. Sidney has left for home.

Pictures after the jump!

5th Ave Apple Store Closed For Commercial FilmingPanavison Truck Outside Apple StoreApple Store 5th Ave Cube Lite Up for CommercialiMacs showing only Aurora BackgroundiPhone Table Covered With CardboardBlack Cases Labeled \"Anonymous 5+4\"Barrier Around Store



27 responses to “5th Avenue Apple Store Closes – Liveblog! (Breaking News)”

29 05 2008
chris (20:34:59) :

agh, it’s been 20min since an update… I’m getting curious

29 05 2008
chris (20:36:04) :

nevermind lol… can’t wait for the black case pics

29 05 2008
karateka (20:38:12) :

Gotta be the phones.

29 05 2008
Michael (20:39:15) :

Or the tablets…

29 05 2008
chris (20:40:46) :

I hope so. I also hope that these guys have some ultra uber high res cameras to get some nice shots of them… assuming they shoot this skit outside…

29 05 2008
Michael (20:42:07) :

What’s up with that blurry pic? Are those the ‘Anonymous’ boxes?

29 05 2008
chris (20:44:10) :

I think that that pic is slightly blurry lol

29 05 2008
steve (21:13:21) :


29 05 2008
Paul (21:13:48) :

anyone else getting 503 errors? seems like your server is getting pounded… ๐Ÿ™

29 05 2008
chris (21:14:46) :

I’m getting them, but there haven’t been any updates in 45min… what’s going on up there?? lol

29 05 2008
Paul (21:16:27) :

booo! i want a non blurry pictures of the boxes!

anonymous 5+4 = iphone on the 9th? hmmmm….

29 05 2008
chris (21:18:41) :

Maybe they are going to do a quiet release tomorrow… nah I doubt it, but it would be pretty sweet if they did.

29 05 2008
fdot (21:21:20) :

umm come on nowwwww

29 05 2008
Paul (21:24:56) :

no way they’re releasing it tomorrow.

june 9th, wwdc, they wouldn’t have any incentive to quietly release it early. (much as i would love to get the new iphone a week early!)

anyone find any other liveblogs of this? no updates makes me a sad panda….

29 05 2008
chris (21:26:40) :

true… is it really only a week away? man, I gotta save up the $20 for my iPod touch 2.0 Software update lol

29 05 2008
MACE (21:53:09) :

I bet they are filming one of those “How To” videos like they did for the first iphone, like how to use GPS and other stuff.

29 05 2008
Erick (22:00:22) :

congrats to you guys always pleasing us the mac fans.

29 05 2008
Matt Dodd (22:03:48) :

Hey guys, sorry the liveblog is over, Sidney’s iPhone is dead and our servers are still recovering from a heavy load of traffic.

29 05 2008
The One (22:58:29) :

I have heard from a reliable source I trust that the new product is an Apple branded personal hovercraft which will compete with the hugely successful Segway line of products.

29 05 2008
cj (23:13:22) :

I think it is definatley the 3G iPhone and I have faith it will come out tomorrow

29 05 2008
Evan (23:23:11) :


“Anonymous” is the name of the production company ‘Anonymous Content’.

As quoted on Appleinsider.com;

“Murmurs from the underground sent to AppleInsider suggest that famed director and regular Final Cut Studio user David Fincher has been involved in shooting a commercial for Apple in Los Angeles.”

David Fincher is represented by Anonymous Content. I work in Commercial Production, and those boxes probably contain nothing more than Walkie Talkies.

29 05 2008
cj (23:34:27) :

i doubt it, and plus everybody has been anticipating it. But i am a dj and yes production crews do that sometimes. But who knows, why would they put cardboard around the iphone table?

30 05 2008
Gary (00:07:08) :

The Panavision truck suggests a high-level film production, and not a commercial or promotional video.

30 05 2008
AT (03:08:44) :

I almost guarantee that…

Anonymous refers to the production company working on the project and

5+4 is the high-end iPhone which has 5+4 duties (a la Phone, Browser, Email, iPod, Camera + GPS, etc., etc.)

4+3 is the low-end iPhone or iPod Touch which has 4+3 duties (i.e. – Browser, Email, iPod, Camera + ???, etc. etc)

30 05 2008
crew (04:52:27) :

Just because it’s a panavision truck doesn’t mean it’s not a commercial. I work on film crews and the norm is at least 2 trucks that size for commercials just for lighting and grips. The Panavision truck would have brought the Technocrane seen in one of the photos. It also takes at a week to process the film, grade, edit and sound mix so the possibility of anything coming out tomorrow is very slim.

2 06 2008
Shhhhh... (13:51:59) :

I can confirm from a source working on the Ad being shot there, that it was infact a commercial for the new iphone, shot by non other than David Fincher. This shoot at the apple store was only part of the shoot, they a shot a ton of other stuff earlier in the week, at other locations. The spot breaks on the 9th, same day as the phone release.

10 06 2008
cj (19:34:30) :


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