Anonymous Content Production to Create Advertisement Campaign for Unknown Product

29 05 2008

The closing of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store on Thursday may mark the beginning of a new advertising campaign for an as of yet unknown product. Equipment being brought into the store as well as other reports indicates that film production company Anonymous Content will be producing the advertisement.

AppleInsider reports that director David Fincher, listed as a featured director on Anonymous’s website is tied to the project. Fincher is best known as the director of Fight Club, but is also a popular producer of commercials, including the Gears of War trailer, “Mad World”, and has done work for HP and AT&T. The only other times that the Fifth Avenue Apple Store has been closed were for major product launches, and the only advertisements filmed at Apple store were filmed at this location, for, fittingly enough, the iPhone.

The majority of Apple’s marketing campaigns, including the well received Get a Mac campaign, have been produced by TBWA\Media Arts Labs. However, Apple has in the past used other firms, or allowed third parties to advertise joint product launches using their own ad firms. Anonymous Content fits the bill for this kind of campaign, having produced commercials for a wide variety of corporations, the most relevant being AT&T and Intel. It is rumored that Apple is filming a commercial for the upcoming 3G iPhone. The reasoning behind filming at the Fifth Avenue retail store is still unknown, as an Apple Store could easily be replicated in a studio. The lighting equipment outside indicates that emphasis may be on the 32 foot cube outside the store. More details to come soon!



3 responses to “Anonymous Content Production to Create Advertisement Campaign for Unknown Product”

30 05 2008
Gadgetboy (01:46:56) :

yes, it is true, David Fincher did direct a commercial for the new 3G iPhone in Los Angeles this past weekend. I’m not sure if it moved to NYC to finish filming but i can tell you that TBWA is in fact the agency and Anonymous Content is the production company. Anonymous Content does not create the ads, they only produce the production side of it.

30 05 2008
Chris (16:53:02) :

“they only produce the production side of it.”
Wouldn’t that be, “they only produce it” or ” they only do the production”?

30 05 2008
Gadgetboy (20:04:05) :

in the commercial industry and ad agency can “produce” an idea while the production company produces the actual physical spot (filming the idea). Based on the blog written above they were misleading the reader to think that Anonymous Content produced the idea and campaign (at least in my reading of the blog.

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