Anonymous Content Production to Create Advertisement Campaign for Unknown Product

29 05 2008

The closing of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store on Thursday may mark the beginning of a new advertising campaign for an as of yet unknown product. Equipment being brought into the store as well as other reports indicates that film production company Anonymous Content will be producing the advertisement.

AppleInsider reports that director David Fincher, listed as a featured director on Anonymous’s website is tied to the project. Fincher is best known as the director of Fight Club, but is also a popular producer of commercials, including the Gears of War trailer, “Mad World”, and has done work for HP and AT&T. The only other times that the Fifth Avenue Apple Store has been closed were for major product launches, and the only advertisements filmed at Apple store were filmed at this location, for, fittingly enough, the iPhone.

The majority of Apple’s marketing campaigns, including the well received Get a Mac campaign, have been produced by TBWA\Media Arts Labs. However, Apple has in the past used other firms, or allowed third parties to advertise joint product launches using their own ad firms. Anonymous Content fits the bill for this kind of campaign, having produced commercials for a wide variety of corporations, the most relevant being AT&T and Intel. It is rumored that Apple is filming a commercial for the upcoming 3G iPhone. The reasoning behind filming at the Fifth Avenue retail store is still unknown, as an Apple Store could easily be replicated in a studio. The lighting equipment outside indicates that emphasis may be on the 32 foot cube outside the store. More details to come soon!

5th Avenue Apple Store Closes – Liveblog! (Breaking News)

29 05 2008

5th Ave Apple Store Closed For Commercial Filming

Reports are coming in the 5th Avenue Apple Store, located in New York City is being shut down. Rumor has it that Apple is filming a commercial for the new, unreleased iPhone inside the store. On the 5th Ave Retail Website, a message reads:

“Please note we will be temporarily closed Thursday, May 29 at 3:00 p.m. and will reopen Friday, May 30 at 9:00 a.m. During this time, please visit one of our other two Manhattan locations.”

The store is normally open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and has only closed on two occasions, for about three hours- the release of Mac OS X Leopard and the iPhone last June. TheiLife regular, Sidney San Martin is en-route to check out the scene, and should be reporting live within the hour- pictures, live blogging and a little investigative reporting to come. If you live in or near New York City, and would like to help contribute to the coverage, please feel free to contact us!

6:31 PM Sidney is off from work and en-route (via Subway) to the 5th Ave store.
7:30 PM Sidney is on the scene confirming that it is indeed commercial- there are booms and a Genie outside the store. He says that lighting is being setup to highlight the Cube and elevator.
7:37 PM Sidney has confirmed that there is filming going on in the store. Director chairs and people mingling around the tables. All computers have the Leopard aurora desktop background showing with no menubar or icons.
7:39 PM He can see into the Apple Store, and there are iPhone tables with cardboard around them. Most of the people are congregating around the iPhone tables. The cardboard is very eerie, very Apple, he notes.
7:52 PM The crew outside is discussing ways to get into the store, appears to be looking at a floorplan.
7:56 PM “I recognize the 5th Ave HR Manager standing outside the store. She is dressed well and clearly happy about this event.”
7:58 PM More lights are being setup around the outside of the Cube.
8:08 PM “Crews are all talking through radios. I wish I had a frequency scanner right now!”
8:11 PM The crews are hooking into the Fire Hydrant now. What the heck!?
8:33 PM BLACK CASES MARKED “Anonymous 5+4” entering store.
8:33 PM More black cases marked “Anonymous 4+3” entering store.
9:33 PM Sidney has to leave as his iPhone has died; the liveblog is over. The servers are being pounded from traffic from all over; including AppleInsider and MacRumors. Thanks to all who have visited!!
9:47 PM Almost the entire sidewalk is blocked off on 5th Ave, with the Apple employees pushing the line back as much as possible. Sidney has left for home.

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Cases Reveal the 3G, Second Generation iPhone – WWDC 2008

29 05 2008

This is the third part in a series of WWDC rumor articles, exploring the various case leaks for the new iPhone model- speculated to launch at WWDC 2008. Click here to check out the first and second articles about the rumored iPhone.

Leaked Griffin 3G iPhone 2.0 Case Mold
Leaked Griffin 3G iPhone 2.0 Case 3D Rendering
Leaked Griffin 3G iPhone 2.0 Case Mold
Click on the images to see a larger version.

Yesterday, the Apple rumor mill was abuzz with a story from iDealsChina Insider, an otherwise unknown website who posted leaked pictures of Griffins new case mold for the upcoming iPhone. The pictures, shown above, shows a larger opening for the supposed addition of a front facing camera, which supports the rumored claims of videoconferencing on the upcoming iPhone. The leaked photos are said to be of Griffins upcoming silicon Flex GRIP case.

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