22 Hours, 1 Keynote

15 01 2008

Keynote Line

We’ve just finished our 22-hour stint on the keynote line, and I’m joining you live from… Moscone South. No opportunities presented themselves for me to be admitted, so I was forced to part ways with Matt as he entered the building just minutes ago. I’ll be here throughout the keynote, monitoring and maintaining the liveblog. If anything at all’s awry, drop me an email at [email protected] or a message on GTalk (SidneySM).



3 responses to “22 Hours, 1 Keynote”

15 01 2008
Markus (11:02:04) :

Cool! I saw you on iJustines YouTube Video. Really excited, he? 🙂 Nice blog here!

15 01 2008
Adam (16:11:47) :

Woo! Sidney and Dodd! Sorry you didn’t get in, buddy. Have fun in CA.

15 01 2008
Masterx (21:11:12) :

Wow your site is really taking off, it took techbugtv awhile to get where you guys are at in the beginning. keep up the good work and you will have a loyal fanbase in no time.

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