TheiLife Vacation Notice: We need Your Help!

4 08 2008

TheiLife crew will be taking a small vacation. But have no fear, the site won’t be left in despair.

I am going on vacation this Saturday for two weeks. Then the day after I get back, I begin my first semester at college, so things might become a little dry around here. Don’t fear. I have arranged for content to be posted (about) everyday to keep things busy around here. Once my schedule stabilizes, I will be able to resume my regular content on a daily or bi-daily basis, depending on free time. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may create, but it isn’t easy running a website (mostly) by myself. However, you can help! If you would like to create your own content for articles, podcasts, screencasts, videos, pictures; we are very open and accepting to all kinds of work. Simply contact us or leave a comment below indicating your intrest, and we can get you setup posting about whatever you like.



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