Reports from an iPhone 3G and iPod Touch running firmware 2.0.1

4 08 2008

Here are some notes from the 2.0.1 firmware update installation.

Here are my notes, in chronological order since installation:

Downloading the firmware took about 7 minutes on a 20/5 Mbit/s connection. Fairly slow for Apple’s servers, probably due to heavy traffic.

My iPhone update took about 20 minutes. Note that I recently synced and backed up my iPhone with my computer about one hour prior to the installation.

This update WILL disturb a previously jailbroken 2.0 device, but will not brick it or fail to install the update on a device that was PWNED using the latest PWNAGE tool.

Things seem to be snappier. No Apple application crashes yet, no sign of sluggish performance.

Now trying third party applications. Installing an update on the device from the App Store still relocates applications to the back as if they were never installed.

After over 12 hours of extensive use, we have found 2.0.1 is a great improvement to the buggy 2.0 firmware. However, there are still some outstanding issues.

More updates coming soon.



6 responses to “Reports from an iPhone 3G and iPod Touch running firmware 2.0.1”

4 08 2008
ThatGuy (20:53:25) :

Let us know what specific fixes you find!

5 08 2008
Ywoulditellumyname (06:01:34) :

My iPod has taken over 3 hours to install the update. Hasn’t finished yet D:

5 08 2008
Michael (12:12:50) :

Mine is on my ipod and it only took maybe 5min….. Works great so far…I think my wi-fi is better as well….

5 08 2008
Julio (13:44:32) :

it took 30 minutes to update my iPod touch

5 08 2008
Akhenaton (18:31:33) :

Mine took less than 10min on a laptop PC with Cable connection.

6 08 2008
zorri (10:29:30) :

mine took 6 days to update and its still not done!

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