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5 03 2008

A reader asked (a little too long ago) a couple questions about Time Machine. Here are some answers.

When Time Machine keeps writing backups of everything you do and all you are doing is writing huge failed movie files how do find the files on your Time Machine disk to clean house?

The answer for this is quite simple. At first you might think that deleting a file from Time Machine is redundant, but when you have multiple copies of files that are very large- your disk space is precious! When you enter Time Machine, simply highlight the file (or folder) you want to delete from backups and click on the Gear menu item. An option “Delete file from all backups” will be present, and this is what you want! To prevent it happening in future backups, you may want to go into the Time Machine System Preferences pane and click on the Options. From there, you can specify what you don’t want Time Machine to backup. Be it your Final Cut project file, or Movies folder.

Is there a way of telling TimeMachine to only go to work at night?

Apple does not provide a solution to this issue, but you can use TimeMachineScheduler, which will allow you to specify a 1-12 hour period for backups and a slew of other options for customizing Time Machine backups. This should do the trick.

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31 08 2008
Nick Naym (09:30:22) :

As an alternative, TimeMachineEditor may be less “invasive” (and therefore, perhaps safer).

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