WebKit Takes an Acid3 Trip

10 03 2008

Writer Matt Rosenhein explains WebKits latest endeavors to pass the Acid3 test.

A mock up of what the Acid3 render should look like

The Acid web standards test has just gone into its third itineration, and the WebKit team is already racing to make their engine as compliant as possible. The Acid3 test builds upon many of the goals that were presented in the much praised Acid2 test, which served as one of the best indicators as to the CSS compatibility of browsers. Safari was the first major browser to pass the test, followed immediately by Konqueror (whose engine provided the code base for WebKit), iCab (the current version now uses WebKit) and Opera. Firefox and Internet Explorer, the two most widely used browsers, have yet to publish a stable release that passes the Acid2, though both teams have demonstrated betas and nightlies that pass and will be released in their next major releases (Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8).

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The Weekly Report (3/10)

10 03 2008

So yet another week has passed us by. We’ve been working diligently to get more content and so far, I would say we were successful. The site is back to its functional state again, and you should continue to see a steady stream of content. Because of a job I had to take on this weekend, Sidney and I weren’t able to record a podcast, but we will try to get it done before mid-week, as I am going to Hartford on Wednesday. In the Apple world, last week, we saw the introduction of the iPhone SDK to the public, which I must say- has been met with good reception. I was impressed with the Enterprise features and inspired by the SDK itself (which I have been playing around with). I think Apple and the iPhone are headed in a very good direction. Happy Monday, everyone.