The 3G, Second Generation iPhone on your Mac!

30 05 2008

When Apple posted the new 10.5.3 update earlier this week, investigators on the MacRumors forum have located a curious iPhone icon added with the update.

The new Second Generation 3G iPhone 2.0 Side By Side

If you are running OS 10.5 Leopard and update to 10.5.3, this new iPhone icon is sitting in your system. Once you have updated, navigate to the Finder, click on the “Go” menu, click on “Go To Folder” (or Command+Shift+G) and paste in the following (or simply follow the path):


Once you are in the Resources folder, you will see something that looks like this:

Resources Folder new iPhone

Locate the iPhone.icns file and double click it to open it. There should be 5 different iPhone icons, of varying sizes. You are looking for the file named ‘iPhone.icns-3’.

iPhone.icns-3 new 3G iPhone

While this iPhone icon is clearly different from the current iPhone (and other iPhone icons in the folder); if you look at the model revealed on recently, the model and the icon bear a striking resemblance. Both iPhones exhibit the rumored bezel and body changes, which make the iPhone more curved in your hand, but appear to be square. The earpiece seems to be readjusted, which is part of the rumored sensor rearrangement and addition of forward facing camera. The two iPhones are shown side by side below. You can read the orginal post here.

new iPhone Icon verus Mockup

While this icon may seem promising, it could just be a remnant or reject from the original iPhone icon. Apple is rumored to introduce a new iPhone model next month at its annual WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference); which starts on June 9th. Stick with theiLife for continuing coverage regarding the new iPhone, liveblogging from the Keynote and any other WWDC related announcements.



5 responses to “The 3G, Second Generation iPhone on your Mac!”

30 05 2008
Doubter (17:15:19) :


You guys are bush league.

30 05 2008
ARHYTHMATIK (19:23:50) :

this is GOLD man! this should be all over the net!!! wow– great work.

30 05 2008
Sidney San Martin (20:02:15) :

Even I’m going to have to stand up and say, “certainly not.”

An ICNS file is designed to hold the same image at different sizes. Apple often fine tunes each icon to look best at its native resolution and to keep prominent details prominent.

The Mac OS picks the image closest in size to the size of icon it’s trying to display.

31 05 2008
Nhelo (17:33:53) :

Wooow… I just have a cuestion…. why all that icons of the apple´s computers in that folder are showing the tiger desktop?

31 05 2008
Matt Dodd (18:36:12) :

Good question, they may have been making the icons of the computers before the “Aurora” desktop was finalized. Remember early betas of Leopard had a grass desktop background that was similar to a Vista desktop.

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