Join in Birthday Celebration: Free Stuff Abound!

20 10 2008 celebrates it’s first birthday today! Join us for the festivities!!

Today, October 19th marks one year to the day that domain was registered. In the time between October 19th, 2007 and October 28th, 2007 (the first post) was the first creation of blog. This year, to commemorate this time period, we will be giving away all kinds of great stuff to our readers. At the moment, we’re keeping the list of goodies secret, but do note by commenting, on any birthday labeled post, you will be automatically entered into our drawing. Only one entrance per person, however- yes, we will track your email and IP addresses.

So keep on the lookout and feel free to comment on any birthday article for great free stuff anytime starting now until October 28th, 2008!



10 responses to “Join in Birthday Celebration: Free Stuff Abound!”

20 10 2008
dlodewyk (00:22:04) :

Huh ? I am confused. Am I now entered. I have been here since MW08 !

20 10 2008
Matt Dodd (00:31:49) :

Yep, dlodewyk you are now officially entered into the raffle. Good luck!

20 10 2008
Keith Hobin (09:45:00) :

Do writers/employees/the managing editor get free stuff regardless? Especially when they have yet to receive their iLife t-shirt yet and will give you 24 port switches in return?


20 10 2008
Paul and Peggi (12:04:09) :

Happy Birthday to the iLife!

20 10 2008
Charlie (12:57:41) :

Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed reading your articles and I’m looking forward to reading many more. Thank you.

20 10 2008
Jacob Dodd (19:06:28) :

Happy Birthday to the iLife! I’ve been reading your posts since day 1, hope for a great second year!

20 10 2008
Geoffrey Kaicher (19:09:41) :

Happy Birthday iLife!!!! We made it one year!!! P.S: I agree with keith!!

21 10 2008
Matt Pippen (01:05:47) :

Happy Birthday! Having similar projects of my own, I know how big of a deal a one year anniversary can be.

21 10 2008
Mary Brown (03:43:49) :

Happy Birthday!!

Best of luck with all!

Paul Berney/Mary Brown

21 10 2008
nss (18:33:37) :

Happy B-day iLife, Happy B-Day to you!!

As i said for the 200 post, you got sth really great going on!! keep it up!


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