Video Podcast 4 – Macworld Closure

13 02 2008

[qt:/media/vodcast/ /media/vodcast/ 320 196]

iPod (211 MB)

The iLife Podcast – Epoisode #4: Macworld Closure

Show notes coming soon.



2 responses to “Video Podcast 4 – Macworld Closure”

13 02 2008
dlodewyk (03:14:30) :

Sidney, your hair rocks. I myself have big hair but yours takes it to another level.

Cool podcast guys. Keep up the great work.


18 02 2008
Paul (14:28:18) :

Episode 4 rocks. Great production. We’re staying tuned. Paul and Peggi

Can we still send questions?
Why did Apple trash iMovie?
When Time Machine keeps writing backups of everything you do and all you are doing is writing huge failed movie files how do find the files on your TimeMachine disk to clean house?
Is there a way of telling TimeMachine to only go to work at night?

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