Super Bowl XLII Coverage

2 02 2008

Super Bowl XLII Coverage

Many, many, people will be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow. Some watch just for the advertisements. That includes us — but as an added twist, theiLife will be at the computer, looking out for the Apple ads and providing a real-time count on the site. Apple is known to run ads during the Super Bowl — particularly special ads (read 1984 or iTunes+Pepsi). If there’s a new Apple commercial, we’ll be first reporting on it. Watch the game and check the site in case the bathroom calls and you miss this year’s Apple special. Coverage starts at 6:18PM, EST.



3 responses to “Super Bowl XLII Coverage”

3 02 2008
Bernard Ramsey (12:20:31) :

Interesting idea. I’d plug my team here, but have a feeling I’d be cyber shot 🙂

3 02 2008
Sidney San Martin (18:10:14) :

Already saw an Air ad 🙂 better get on that coverage.

3 02 2008
Matt Dodd (18:27:46) :

@Sidney: Note the post @ 6:09PM stating exactly that. P4WN’d.

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